Can't get UnitySetup file

I’ve tried downloading many times, but I’m definitely not getting any UnitySetup for Android Support file in my downloads. I emptied all my downloads and re-downloaded again to make sure. Is there any other way I can get this file?

@sampattuzzi please can you help Martin out?

Try going to the build settings

Then selecting the Android option

You should find a download link for Android Support there.

Ok I think I got it. I didn’t notice that you were using 5.4.1, so I upgraded to that. I did have to open from the GVR package file instead of a scene because everything else wasn’t importing in otherwise. Once I did that and imported everything, I could go to the Android build settings and get the same settings selection that you did. The only thing was that it also said I need to upgrade to at least Unity 5.4.0, which I already did. So I guess I’ll just have to get through more of the lesson to make sure it’s working properly.

I’m glad you found a way through. Let us know if you still have issues.

Hey so I can actually download the Unity Android Editor now. But I’m having another issue that I don’t think I was having before. Edit: After skipping ahead, I realized that the pupose of this lecture was to just introduce us to Google VR. Nothing in this lecture that needs to be saved and carried to the next lecture. I originally thought it was going to be important for my hierarchy to look just like yours. Mine was either empty or had ‘missing prefabs’ in the hierarchy. After skipping to the next lecture, I realized that is not the case. I was able to import all the GVR files into my new blank Unity file and I was able to run the demo scene.

So my issue was that if I open any scene from the GVR folder like you did, it would only import the scene and nothing else. Starting from a new file and importing seems to be working, but need more testing first. Not sure why it’s different for me. Hopefully this will be the last time I have any issues outside the actual code or design of the game.

Strange that it’s different. Not really important as long as the gist is the same. Are the versions all identical?

By identical you mean the same results in different versions of Unity? If so then yes. I tried 5.4.1 and 5.4.4 and in both, if I open directly from a GVR scene, only the scene imports in. If I open directly from the GVR package, it does the imports, but the hierarchy is filled with ‘Missing Prefab’. And like I said before, importing into a blank file seems to work fine. Later I’m going to try pushing a build to my phone.

And thanks for making the course and following up with my messages. I appreciate it! :smile:

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