Can't get to spin tool in edit mode

I am at the point where I am ready to spin the pin. However, when I tab to edit mode I do not have all the tools such as extrude, cut, spin, etc. My options are still set to the draw, extrude to Cursor, tools. How do I bring back my original edit mode tools? Thanks.

Hard too diagnose something not there. lol

Assuming you are in edit mode, is it as simple as pressing ‘T’ to unhide the toolbar?

I do have the tool bar present. If I go down the list of tools, under the measure tool I have the draw tools to trace the outline of the bowling pin. I just don’t know how to get out of that set of tools and back to the original edit tools such as extrude, slice, spin tool, etc. I’m sure it’s some simple change I need to make.

Ah I think you are in edit mode of a curve object.

To spin it, you need to go back to Object mode. Then mesh in menu bar, convert curve to mesh. Then that converted to mesh object in edit mode can be spun.

It’s taken a bit but I found out what I was doing wrong. I messed up the spin of my first pin. So I deleted my scene profile. When I went back to my BezierCurve I needed to covert it to a mesh again, and then when I went back into edit I had tools I was looking for.

Great all sorted. Tick it as solved, save MarkC needing to look.

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