Can't get the crouch to end after one loop

In the lesson video #95, at 7:12, Sam talks about unchecking “Has Exit Time” to make sure that at the end of the crouch animation, Ethan will go back to the idle animation. In other words, no looping through the crouch animation while “duck” is triggered–just run it once.
I can’t get that behavior to work. I’ve unchecked “Has Exit Time” on the transition from crouch to idle, but when I run my project and click the duck trigger under Parameters, Ethan crouches and stays crouched, looping through the animation until I click the duck trigger again. Any ideas why?

(Unity version 5.3.4f1, as suggested in Lesson 1.)

“Has Exit Time” -
if checked will finish the current animation before going onto the next,
when unchecked the next animation will happen straight away.

Sounds like you may have set the ‘duck’ parameter as a “Bool” not a “Trigger”

So it turns out I had an extra transition that was over-riding what I expected to have happen. I’ll update with a pic when I next open the project.

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