Can't fire AnimNotify

I am spawning the spiders just fine but they don’t hit the player. The AnimNotify never fires… Thoughts?

I placed a breakpoint but no fire event. I am using Unreal 5 if that matters…everything else has worked.

BTW this was working…its crazy…it just does not fire the event. The animations play and stop perfect.

Hi, UE5 user here as well and I have kind of a similar problem? I think? lol.

After implementing the spawner feature and trying to hit play the console starts spamming this error. In game the aliens animations are borked and they don’t attack either. So we seem to have at least in part the same problem, mine is just worse I guess. I wonder if this is some weird UE5 shenanigans…
@Tuomo_T any help here? I’m completely clueless to troubleshoot this because it’s pointing to the “can attack” function.

Finn, in your case I’d double-check if you set the right anim blueprint for the spider.

Wayne, can you show me how you set your AnimNotify?

You mean this? To me it seems that the montage is correct (and it was working like it should until I did the spawners)

Just in case there is the main level of the alien blueprint if that’s any help, there the montage is also correct. I’ve got no idea what went wrong.

Not quite, I mean the Animation Class setting in the details panel of the Spider’s skeletal mesh component (or Anim Class, as it’s actually called). I’m using a different project as an example but this is where it’d be set regardless of project.

Of course! duh, why didn’t I check that… I guess I thought that it was set during the course but for some reason it was not… Well it works now! Now I hopefully remember to do this in the future.

So I changed it up a bit… I changed to a montage notify and change

d the play montage a bit to track the montage event. then use that to damage the player. it may not be perfect but there it is. i probably could have recreated the montage from scratch but it just wouldn’t fire the event.

You know, it’s sometimes more important to get it working than getting it working by a particular method

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