Can't find portal option

I’m blind or doing wrong ?

@jurandfantom is that in Blender Render?

Portal lamps are a Cycles engine only feature i believe.

Change from Blender Render > Cycles

should be able to see if then when you have a look under the Area lamp type, im currently using 2.78 as well.

any problems, just shout

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blast! RIGHT! ehh i fell stupid that I forget about so basic things.
But I have question, it’s possible to force/set (setup file or something) cycles like default render engine instead blender render ? I would like avoid so stupid mistakes.

yep, when you open up blender, you are given your startup file, in general cases is the one with the cube and lamp.

if you change to cycles. you can then save your startup file (CTRL_U) or File > Save Startup File
and confirm when save prompt comes up.

so this startup file will load each time you start blender, or when you go File > New as that will reload your startup file.


thank You for fast and useful reply :slight_smile:

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no worries, glad to help out :slight_smile:

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