Cant find BattleTankGameMode.cpp even after creating class

I started this section around 3 weeks ago and stopped due to other problems I had going on.

I then resumed the course a couple of days ago and couldn’t find the C++ file I created. In order to make 100% sure that I chose a C++ project and not blueprint project I created a Test project and chose Blueprint, when I opened the documents I couldn’t find any C++ related files, unlike the BattleTank Project (Pictures Below will further elaborate on issue).

Figure 1.1 My current BattleTank Project.

Figure 1.2 Test I created to make sure that i chose C++ and not Blueprint when creating project.

So now I cant create the Blueprint based on the class. I then attempted to create a new C++ class and chose pawn as the parent class, for some reason I cant find the class I created on the content browser.

Figure 2.1 Content Browser shows that I cant find that Pawn class I created and the main class I created when I first started the project.

C++ classes aren’t in the Content directory. If you click the folder next to Content you should be able to select C++ Classes.

haha feel kind of stupid now. Thanks, I’ll keep the question posted just in case anyone else runs into this problem.

Hello Dan! why it’s necessary to drop Tank into DefaultScenRoot and make new root?

without it I can chart Simulate Physics

Works fine without having to have a Scene component

So it’s work fine without uniting Tank and DefaultScenRoot
So what is reason to combine them? because combine looking better?

Not sure what you’re talking about at this point

  1. Is there damage anything if I don’t merge Tank and DefaultScenRoot?
  2. and if nothing damage what is reason for merge?

You’re getting rid of it because it’s not needed. You just want the Body as the root.

As I understand nothing damaged but it’s better to merge them. is not it?


thank you

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