Can't create bevel on barrel

Hey i am having an issue creating the bevels on the barrel, seems related to the vertices after created the top and bottom section. When i grab a vertex and move it it also seems to create a new vertex. I tried merging vertices but they only seem to exist after i start moving one…
Screenshot 2022-09-22 234040

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Dissolve the vertical edge by highlighting it, tapping x, then dissolve edge. Bevel will work after this.

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Might have duplicate geometry to start with.
Merge by distance dos not always catch all duplicates if they are a fraction too far apart.

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Try moving a single vertex to see if there are any overlapping vertices underneath
If there are, select them and press “M” to merge
If there aren’t any, you may have to select all the edges in the loop to bevel it properly
Hope that helps



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