Can't change parent socket. Everything's properly nested. HELP!

Hey Guys,

I can’t seem to figure this out. I can’t seem to select a parent socket in BP editor when trying to attach my turret to my tank body. I’ve been careful to make sure that the components are nested. I even tried closing everything down and restarting. I must be overlooking something dumb. Screenshots below.


Where you create the sockets has to match the nesting of the components.

For example, if the “Barrel” must be nested under “Turret” then you need to create the “Barrel” socket under the tank_fbx_Turret static mesh. And NOT under the tank_fbx_Body static mesh as I was doing at first. This caused me to have the same issue you are having.

The component hierarchy must match where you create each socket. You can’t just create all sockets on the Tank Body static mesh for example, like I did, at first.

Hope this helps! I spent about an hour trying to figure this out when I couldn’t get the parent socket dropdown either.

It’s some kind of a bug, it happened with me but accidentally I changed the position of the details tab to the right and then this happens… :frog:


Omg, what a nasty bug! Moved the Details pane to the right and now I can select the socket. Thanks!

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