Can't bevel my columns

I’m following through the tutorial and I seem unable to bevel my columns for some reason. When I select some edges and then bevel it, it sort of draws in a bevel instead of cutting it.

This is not to dissimilar to the first part of cutting notches in crates where the bevel drew in the geometry and then we grabbed/moved the center line down to create it. But in the case of the column, we’re dealing with edges which should bevel out straight away.

I’m getting this on both the edge bevelling, or if I grab a single vertex and bevel that. I’m a bit stumped about what’s gone wrong in my modelling?

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Do you have multiple columns in one object?
Or duplicated meshes? Happens when extruding e but then escaping it …

  • Select all vertices and do a merge by destance.
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Thanks! That seemed to be it, my merge by distance culled 80-ish vertices out of each of my columns and now the bevel works :slight_smile:

I could have well escaped out of doing an extrude. I do tend to escape out of transforms/scales/extrudes if I feel something isn’t right and it snaps back so I thought all was well. Is there a right way of aborting an extrude, or is it just a case of undoing it afterwards?


If you press e to extrude, the extrusion already took place and Blender is automatically waiting for the user to move the extruded part. If you don’t do that or cancel the action (ESC), then you have vertex duplication and problems ahead.

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