Can't assign pose/anim to show up in Skeleton window with UE 4.16

In lecture session 5, session 254 “Child Actor Components”, Sam is choosing an anim (ironsights idle) in the Animation window then switches to the Skeleton and the character still displays with this anim. Unfortunately this is not the case anymore with UE 4.16.1. The Skeleton window displays a default pose, I am not sure how to change it. So I am stuck into this lecture at the moment.
Also, there is something illogical in the way to proceed in the video in the sense an anim is chosen (anim means that it can…well…move!) but for the Skeleton window we need a pose, so actually an anim frame, not a whole anim.

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solution found :
From inside the viewport, down arrow/Preview Scene Settings and from there we can select an anim and a preview mesh. The anim is playing but we can pose it to position the gun at grip point.


Thank you Oli !

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