Cannot simply make simple games

My creativity won’t let me simply make easy, simple games. I have to be complicated. I must challenge myself and add more.
When I started with text 101 and I learned about the interface? I didn’t continue at all. I’m literally at the point where the diagram is made, before using the enumeration.

Because I felt number wizard was a bit unfinished.
It’s still somewhat simple, but I had to make it into a UI text game to parse and build. More than that, I learned a bit more about my interface, extra codes and debugging. I did a hell lot of debugging. I never posted any as I wanted to challenge myself with my limited coding knowledge to push it even further.

Complete random range was used and the game was ironed out to get rid of all bugs. I felt accomplish as I have never even gotten half as far before.

But Text 101… ooh this one. I can’t… I really simply am unable to make a simple singular path using the diagram. I know we do it to learn the basics… but I’m not satisfied with just the basics. I can’t make a story with 1 ending… I need… 7?
I need a stanley-parable-escapes-prison. I am extremely excited. I know what to do. It’s being written down. You are giving me all the tools I need and I am scavenging for the rest that I want.

I am glad to know that the creators of this course make mistakes too. It makes me feel better about myself and I realize that I need to be careful, check my text and check my coding and then double/triple check it.

I’m really looking forward to more lectures. But for now, back to story composition.
I’m really thankful for this course.

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