Cannot parent object to specific bone using Mike's method

I’m using 2.80, and I can’t seem to parent an object to a specific bone the same way Mike demonstrated. It always seemed to parent any object to the same bone.

I found two alternative methods (although I would like Mike’s method to work for me):

Method 1) Go into edit mode of the armature, select the bone you want to parent to, leave edit mode, then proceed to parent the object to the armature.

Method 2) Go into pose mode, from the toolbar go to Edit->(turn off) Lock Object Modes, from here you can select other objects within pose mode, and parent them directly to selected bones.

Hope this helps someone else! Also anyone has an idea why Mike’s method didn’t work for me, I’d love to know!


@Michael_Bridges Seen this a couple of times now and cant pin down a cause as i didnt seem to have this issue

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Have you enabeled “Lock Object Mode”
I had a lot of difficulty using the method Michael was teaching until I turned this off.


Yep yep, thanks! That was one of the solutions I found.

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