Cannot get rid of shadow/line at bottom of backdrop



I cannot get rid of the line at the bottom of the backdrop. I have even started over and recreated but I always get the shadow. I have made it through to the point of delete dupes at bottom (which deletes 0). Any thoughts on what I might have missed (twice)?


You have your slope going on the wrong way. For whatever reason your bevel slope is going on the vertical plane, not your horizontal plane. If it was on the horizontal plane, you wouldnt be getting that hard line. Try to get your bevel on the floor plane not the wall. Also your choice of lighting, being from behind you is making this more obvious.


you have probably found your way out of this problem.
I have had the same, deleted and recreated several times until I decided to bevel my floor angle not too high along the wall in order to keep it more or less symmetrical with the floor part.

maybe it was only due to doubles as in the lecture… which disappeared in the process, I don’t know but that worked for me (and I saved it quickly, ha ha)


I had this issue too and asked for help:

It could be extra geometry inside the ground. Try to check that at wireframe mode.
I don’t know how, tried again and solved it.
Or maybe only YOU can see the cone! There is no cone there. Ghost Cones! That’s why they don’t have shadow…