Cannot compile cow game, licence is invalid

I am having problems when compiling the game, I’ve searched if there is a related question or if I could find any answers in the internet but I coudn’t find any.
basicly when trying to compilie it pops this erros

Research on this shows some possible solutions:

  1. Its not it and the error is something else.

  2. Reinstalling all VS packages then recompiling the project.

  3. Paths that include characters that are not supported.

  4. Possible trial ended for something you installed/use that has a trial.

I feel like your post is lacking some information but possibly that won’t help further.

That says you have an issue on line 7 but you cut off the rest of the message that says what the actual issue is.

Could you provide the rest of the error as well as the function line 7 is in?

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