Cannot choose Set Focus for AI

Doing lecture 271. Control Rotation for Aim (S05_TestingGrounds) and I’m having a little trouble.
btw I’m using unreal engine version 4.19.2

In the video Sam has his FocusAtActor Event Graph look like this:

But on mine my Get AIController is different and I have no SetFocus option:

Any ideas on what is wrong and how to fix it?
Here is a link to my GitHub repo if that helps:


Hi Joshua.

It looks like you are pulling off from the “event receive execute”. Its showing you executable actions in context of that event, which is why you cannot see the SetFocus.

You need to pull out from the return value pin of the “Get AIController” function, you will then be able to find the “SetFocus” function as its in context of the AI controller.

Hope this helps!

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