Cannot apply pose! "Actions on this armature will be destroyed..."

Trying to Apply Pose as Rest Pose throws the error “Actions on this armature will be destroyed…” and Blender refuses to apply the pose. Googling has not helped, as the answer seems to be “redo the animation completely” or some convoluted duplication and joining of a new rig. What does this error actually mean and how can I fix it?

EDIT: After experimenting, it seems this is a non-issue, and is more of an annoyance when going between Pose/Edit/Object mode showing different poses. The mesh acts a bit buggy in appearance, but for all intents and purposes everything functions normally via Pose Position. I opened my pre-“Export” Blender file and the issue is actually present there as well, I just had not noticed until re-rigging. Would still be interested in solving the Apply Pose as Rest Pose lock-out issue.

Hey I had this problem that persisted even after applying the armature. Then I realised I had accidentally created a second of animation which was conected in the outliner. I right clicked and ‘unlinked’ it which cleared this problem :slight_smile:
Maybe this is the answear you need? (basically check you haven’t linked anything else :slight_smile: )

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