@sampattuzzi what is void Cancel()?

is Cancel() like return or break?

I’ve discovered that Cancel() was a poorly named method in the lecture on the Mover.cs script… in fact mid lecture, I called it something more meaningful because I knew Cancel() was WAY to ambiguous to track down later… and lo and behold guess what happened…

I called it StopMovement()

You may have had this similar mystery, I hoped this helped because I thought it was a unity command or something…

wait…that’s not right either… he’s making new Cancel() methods? hold on…

This is one case where… you may want to stick with Cancel, only because we’re still working up to the final structure.
The idea is that we’re going to create a type of Action pattern that allows starting one action to automatically cancel another action automatically. It’s going to rely on a single method being required across all Actions… Cancel(); Don’t worry, all will be made clear.

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