Can you use AWS instead of Steam for Unreal?

I want to know if you can use AWS instead of the Steam Servers that are used in the Unreal Multiplayer course? Since the popularity of AWS over the gaming industry has high sky rocketed over the past few years, I am wondering if I could use AWS’s features for Unreal through C++?

I am sure you can, steam was just more common at the time.

I agree with Bryant. It should be possible one way or another. There is this for example so it might be fairly easy to do actually

If you had to write all the code yourself then, still possible, but many people won’t be able to do that. Easy is always good when possible.

You definitely can use AWS over steam. They use different APIs but most of it is similar. The downfall to AWS is I think they limit you on can do by data capping . They use a tier system and each one allows more data usage and space. There are tons of videos on youtube using AWS since its not well documented.

@Bryant_Schaper @QueueButton @Keithpohl82 Thank you all for your replies and helpfulness!

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