Can we use movement/combat from the Unity 3rd Person Combat & Traversal Course?

As the title says, is it feasible to use the movement/combat system from the Unity 3rd Person Combat & Traversal course and integrate it into what we’re doing in these RPG courses? I like the end result of that course as a starting point for combat, and just making adjustments as we learn things here, if that is a reasonable approach.

It is a reasonable approach. Basically, you’re looking to take the movement from the 3rd person course, and the Stats and Weapons from this course. I’m actually working on a hybrid version myself (though with some slight changes using Scriptable Objects for the states, to allow some customizable behaviour for the enemies!).

The later courses may provide some challenges, as you won’t be able to depend on clicking for pickups, dialogues, or shops… My solution is to use multiple Targeter classes, one for each type of interaction.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m thinking I’ll probably follow along with the course content first, then go back and bring in what I like from the 3rd person course that fits. Then I’ll have a better understanding of both approaches.

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That’s the best approach.


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