Can’t open VSCode in Unreal 4.22.3

When I generate a C++ code and try to open VSCode it’s just says couldn’t find solution.
I tried to restart the computer and deleting the file and generating a new one and it doesn’t work.
I’m using Unreal 4.22.3.
Is there and way to fix this ?

Have you attempted to open the VSCode in different projects? It could be that the one project is corrupted however I do not know exactly. Sorry if this doesn’t help, but I hope it does!

It’s didn’t work but thanks for the advice

Where did you extract the zip to?

Disk D.
And the VSCode is in Disk C.

So not into where you installed Unreal?

The unreal is installed in disk D
The project is also in disk D
But the VSCode and studio is installed in disk C

Sorry I guess I wasn’t clear. The drive doesn’t matter. What matters is that you didn’t put in the same location as where you installed Unreal.

e.g. Unreal is installed to D:\UE_4.26\, you should not extract the zip to that same location i.e. with this example D:\UE_4.26\BullCowGame-starter-kit. Only the engine content should go there.

Ohhh I got it but this is not the case the project isn’t in the this folder it’s on separate one

Do you have the workspace open? Would you mind providing screenshots?

What screen shots will help ?

Your project folder in File Explorer & the Unreal editor with the file menu shown.

And Open Visual Studio Code in that second screenshot doesn’t work?

If not could you right click in the same place as the first screenshot and select open in VS Code. When open it should also prompt you and say something like “there is a workspace in that folder would you like to open it” in which you should say yes.

It doesn’t work when I press open in VS Code it just says “couldn’t find a solution”

And did you try what I suggested by opening VS Code directly?

Ohhh yeah I opened VS Code and searched for the files and opened it from there and everything works fine I can change the code and it will compile in UE but I hoped there will be an easier way

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