Can’t add parameters

Ok so this is very frustrating, when I go to add a parameter in the animator tab then nothing happens except the inspector tab goes empty with just the layer at the top. I cannot click to add any parameters!! Have gone back over all the steps up to that point but still it doesn’t work!! This means I am unable to add any conditions to my transitions, what am I doing wrong??


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This can be done by Blender itself, via the ‘Window’ menu bar top left-hand side.
On that menu dropdown is ‘save screenshot’.

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It was in unity but after restarting my machine the problem seems to have fixed itself, obviously wasn’t enough to just shut and restart the program as I had done previously! Anyway I can crack on now!!!

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Ok so that worked for a bit but then it stopped working, the whole course has been going well to this point and unity seems mega buggy.

Here are some screenshots of the problem I am having


Ah, I suspected as much from the language used in the first post this is nothing to do with Blender. You are using a game engine.

I will move it to Unity Ask. More likely someone will have some idea of what is going on there.
I know it is a follow through from a Blender course but using Unity is a different thing altogether.


I think you need to remove the condition from the transition. This transition suggests it should go back from ‘punch’ to ‘idle’ when the ‘punch’ parameter is triggered.


Thanks @NP5 for moving this post, not really got any idea how it got originally posted in blender. Probably because the course was mainly about blender. I am nice and comfy in blender this unity stuff is all completely new to me!

Thanks @bixarrio, that seems to make perfect sense! Perhaps I was so frustrated by the glitch with the button I wasn’t thinking logically! I will try what u suggest :+1:t2:


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