Can someone explain how he came up with 1.9?



I’m a bit slow … Not sure where 1.9 came from except that it is half of 3.8 which is a tenth of the real size… but other than that… clueless.


Yep. That’s exactly what he’s doing. Thought 38 cm is a fairly manageable real-world size, he’s chosen to decrease it by 10. Because the height, not a measurement from the center to either top or bottom, is 38 cm he must use the half the height (radius: 1.9 BU or cm) instead of the full 1:10 height (3.8 BU or cm).

You got it perfect!


thanks for asking i was wondering how he did that too.


I too am struggling with what is happening here. I think I understand that he is trying to arbitrarily scale the pin to get it to fit inside the 2 x 2 cube.

Pin height 38 cms : Cube height 2 BU

So the ratio is surely 19 to 1 or 1.9 to 0.1?

And what is the impact/meaning of the radius setting when adding a new cube please? A cube doesn’t have a radius unless it means the radius of a circle / sphere passing through all 8 vertices (as opposed to an inscribed circle / sphere) of the cube?

Also he then sizes it to 1.2 in the Properties panel. Is this just a figure arrived at by inspection i.e. Mark 1 eyeball as it ‘looks’ right at that figure fitted into the cube?


I’d like to read/hear an elucidation as well. He’s coming to the conclusion in a snap, a bit harder to follow for non-native English speakers.