Can some help me with my game, I need some art assets!

Hey fellas, I am working on BattleTank game in Unreal Course, I’d like to modify the game a bit. I am not that good at 3d art. I need help in that part of the game.

Can any one help?

I tried to get assets online. But I couldn’t find any for my concept. Easy-Mid stuff nothing hard.


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I can help you, what do you need ?


Thanks!, where are you from Aapef?

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I need a monster truck, I do NOT need extreme detail.

To be true I don’t need any detail at all. I just need some good looking big tires(a li’l bit of detail on tires will make them look cool, but totally up to you)

The car body, just needs to be a shape that looks like car, that’s it no need for detail.

and I need a gun(like the one a military hummers) on the top, gun can be real simple again no details required,

user should understand “owh, okay that is a monster truck and that’s a gun”. That’s all I need.

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Do you have a model ?

a thing like this ?

I’m from France.

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Do you need any other assets?

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Yes just the same! Although this looks cool too:

If possible I plan to use a different vehicle for enemies, that’ll be cool.

Vehicle of a player different from all other enemies.

So one type of vehicle for the guy who plays and one for all the AI enmies.

@George_Dobris We’ll just improvise as we go on, fun cannot be planned upfront isn’t it?

You have this one for free

I’ll try to make mine :wink:

Did you make it? Really nice asset!, meets just my needs absolutely!


I need a gun on the top too, that’s really important for the game.

I’ve got a few doubts, can I export the car as parts instead of just a single whole model. So if I wanted to rotate the wheels or something … ya know.

Can you point me some tutorial that’d help me with export from blender -> UE4 fbx files?

I searched on youtube and came with bad results. They are way too time consuming and need blender knowledge(Which I totally do not have, both of them).

@Steve1222 posted a lot about exporting from blender to Unreal so you might search his posts. I’ve searched for tutorials on exporting to UE as well and just ended up frustrated with the results.

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You got your own company! That’s so cool man!

No disrespect but your website design looks like sh*t :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome content though!, I read two posts in full!!

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