Can i use Visual Studio Code with Unreal?

I was wondering how this IDE with compare with using the regular Visual Studio. I really like the simple look of Code…

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Unreal does support it. Also to be pedantic Code is a text editor not an IDE.

You wouldn’t have a good link to a setup tutorial? No matter what I do, nothing works. I’ve been at it all day yesterday and most of today…Lol.

Yeah…I tried that…For some reason, I can’t get my code to run…it ran like one time yesterday…stopped ever since…I think I have to figure out how to work the .json files…I heard Code isn’t so good for UE anyway…I really like how it looks though…

Lol…I’ve still been messing with VS Code…And i think i got it to work…last problem…I’m trying to get Visual studio code to keep the black screen open when i run a program.

Not quite sure what you mean by this

The screen that shows the output when you start without debugging…

The terminal? That should stay open by default.

Yeah. i don’t know. It won’t stay open. I just can’t get VS Code to work no matter what. Lol. Its gotta be something simple I’m over looking.


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I tried VSC right now and can’t get it to debug c++ in 5-10 minutes of trying. The extension is installed but it just won’t. VSC gets a thumbs down by me. It should work better than that.

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