Can I transfer my subscription to Udemy - Reason: Offline use


I’ll be travelling soon with limited internet, and would like to continue my Unreal C++ course while abroad. Would you be able to issue a coupon to activate a Udemy subscription for the same course? Udemy allows you to download the course for offline use if you install the Udemy app on your mobile, which is why I would like access to the course on Udemy. I will also be subscribing to 2 more UE4 courses (Blueprints and Multiplayer) which I will have to do through Udemy instead of for the offline advantages while I am travelling.

Alternatively, is there an option of downloading the videos from for offline use? Then I can continue using exclusively.

Thanks in advance…

You’d be best off contacting regarding this.

Will do, thanks Dan. Great course btw!

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