Can I do it well?

I’m studying Unreal by myself while watching lectures. Sometimes the results are different from those of lectures. Whenever I do this, I worry if I can do well. I started it because I wanted to make a game, but I keep losing my confidence. I’m nervous and anxious. Can I do it if I keep trying? I’ve been studying for a month now, so is it a natural result…? :sob:

It’s totally normal to have those “Is this really working?” moments, especially when your results don’t quite match up with the tutorials. But hey, that’s the beauty of learning something new, right? Losing confidence is part of the game dev journey, but remember, every great game started as a bunch of bugs and head-scratching moments. Keep at it, tweak things, break things, and then fix them. That’s how the magic happens.

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While studying you can try things in your own side-project. There’s so much you can do so focus on something simple. This is the best way to see how effective your learning is. Another is how much fun or enjoyment you get from this.

Really, have fun with it and try things out yourself away from the courses and share in the show section and on discord. The more you play, the more you’ll learn.

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That will happen for a while (years probably). You just have to keep at it. If you want to do it enough then you will do it. There’s no need to be nervous or anxious. It won’t bite you :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, everyone. I need to cheer up and study hard. This is also a learning process.:relieved:

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