Can I create a Mac build on a PC?

Can I build games in Unity on a mac that is to be played on PC? I just have a mac that’s easier to use but I want to make PC / Mac games.

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You sure can. You need to make sure you have included the appropriate build support options during installation, but aside from that it’s just a case of selecting the target platform in the build settings.

Building standalone players

With Unity you can build standalone applications for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s simply a matter of choosing the build target in the build settings dialog, and hitting the ‘Build’ button. When building standalone players, the resulting files will vary depending on the build target. For the Windows build target, an executable file (.exe) will be built, along with a Data folder which contains all the resources for your application. For the Mac build target, an app bundle will be built which contains the file needed to run the application as well as the resources.

Distributing your standalone on Mac is just to provide the app bundle (everything is packed in there). On Windows you need to provide both the .exe file and the Data folder for others to run it. Think of it like this: Other people must have the same files on their computer, as the resulting files that Unity builds for you, in order to run your game.

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