Can i coorporate with people using git lab if i'm having github?

Like in the question. My friends are using gitlab and i’m personally more like github person can we work together on one repo?

I’m going to copy my answer here from the one I just gave to this question on Udemy in the interest for anyone seeing it here.

You would use GitLab instead of GitHub for that project. For the most part, the guts of what you’re doing will be the same in either case as it’s all founded upon Git itself, so most of what you learn will translate across.

But you wouldn’t (for example) work out of GitHub yourself on the project whilst your friends are using GitLab.

It’s just another hosting solution. So in the same way if you were using Google Drive as a file sharing and editing platform, it’d be no good if you were doing your editing and uploading to Microsoft OneDrive as it’s a different physical location and service.

So I’d suggest giving GitLab a whirl, and if it makes it easier for you to host all your projects at an account there including the ones you collaborate on with your friends, that’s great.

Otherwise nothing stops you having multiple hosting accounts depending on where and what you’re doing.

For example, to support my work and hobbies, I have a local BitBucket Server, a personal GitHub account, and a “work” GitHub account. The content in each is not shared with the other, but I can use a single “Git GUI” client (e.g. SourceTree, Fork, etc.) to work out of all of them.

Since each git repository can remember its own credentials and hostnames for the remote places you store the repositories for sharing, you won’t even need to do any account switching within the client, it’ll just silently use whichever ones are appropriate in each case.

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