Can anyone recommend a c ++ book next to the course?

I read C++ Primer would be a great start. Do you guys have any other recommendations?

Well I second C++ Primer (not to be confused with Primer Plus) as that was my main source of learning material when I started. A new edition was recently scheduled for the end of the year (I think that was before the pandemic so might be pushed back).

A Tour of C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup is more of a lightweight book which is more or less a condensed version of his bigger one (The C++ Programming Language) and updated for C++17.

See here for a more detailed list

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I have primer plus but these author’s are way too wordy. It takes forever to go even one step and assume the non-plus one is the same way. You learn little in lots of time. Its backwards.

You can quickly go through a course on and get through the basics and get used to using c++ faster that way. Then jump into a book and learn other things.

Would never buy another book from them based on the plus edition. I only feel like time is being wasted on them.

In addition, you’ll never memorize all those words. No human can. Its a waste to have all those extra words.

This one I would probably buy instead but he doesn’t focus on c++ enough so its not as new as it can be. But its a whole lot less wordy and he is really good at writing programming books. C++: A Beginner’s Guide, Second Edition By Herbert Schildt.

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I’m still considering which book to start with. But I have decided that I will go with one of the lightweight books as a start. Thanks for the help! Really do appreciate it.

Hey! I couldn’t recommend a book with any authority, but I have signed up to a C++ course on Udemy called Beginning C++ Programming - From Beginner to Beyond, taught by Frank Mitropolous. I’m about 20% through 41hrs of video material, and really enjoying his teaching style so far.