Can A Generous Blender-ite Help Me Out?


I’m in Section 04 of the unreal course… I’m doing a “combat helicopter” variant to the section project…

I’ve downloaded a free (legally so) helicopter mesh for use in the game. It’s in .OBJ format, which works fine with Unreal and can be imported into blender.

My question/request, would one of you be generous enough to assist me and break off the various propellers, rudder, etc. (essentially, the “moving” parts) so that I can reassemble them into a blueprint in Unreal, and then invidually rotate them, etc. for basic animation purposes? NOTE: I’m not asking for you to animate or rig them in any way, just break them down into individual models…

I’m pretty sure it’s a relatively simple task for someone who’s a bit more schooled in the app (and hey, it’s good practice, right?!). I’m sure if no one is interested, I could figure it out with a few hours of fiddling, but I wanted to put the request out there for some of you with a bit more inclination and interest in the modelling and model-editing aspect of game dev.

Thank you,
Bryant McCracken


I’m not sure if .obj is any different from working with .blend files but I could give it a shot.

Depending on when you get this, I could be out for a couple of hours. If you want to do it yourself here’s a crash course:

  • Select the helicopter in Object Mode with a Right-click then hit Tab to enter Edit Mode (the rest of this requires that you be in Edit Mode)
  • Mouse3 (Middle click) will let you rotate around your object. Shift + Mouse3 lets you pan. Scrollwheel to zoom (or Ctrl + plus or minus).
  • Hit Ctrl + Shift for the “Mesh Select Mode” menu and Left-click on “Vertex”.
  • You can now Right-click to select/deselect vertices. Hold Shift + Right-click to select/deselect additional vertices.
  • There are also Border and Circle select tools. The shortcuts are B and C respectively. You can use these for mass selection. Hit Escape to stop using either of those tools.
  • Once you’ve selected all the vertices you want, hit P to separate the selected vertices into a new object by “Selection”.
  • Finally, if a shortcut is not working, make sure your mouse cursor is in the viewport.


I’d definitely be willing to send you the files, if you would be willing to.

I’m pretty certain working on them is the same, though .obj you might have to import slightly different? I don’t know about that part of it.

If you change your mind, I’ll download blender and give it a go via your instructions. :slight_smile: thank you!


@Bryant_McCracken, I would highly recommend to you to try and separate the model by yourself. This will be a huge experience gain and will give you the courage to counter other problems, which will definitely occur in the future :smiley:

Game Development is all about failing and improving :wink:

A tutorial video which might be helpful:

:+1: Fail Faster - there is no instant win :+1:
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Haha, I don’t mind doing it myself. I just prefered to focus on one large aspect at a time. :stuck_out_tongue:

But since you’re all rooting for me, I’ll go ahead and do it myself. :slight_smile:


I’m just moving this to the Blender category. Soon there will also be sub-categories for different sections too :slight_smile: