Camera switching to 3D on its own every time I run the game

Around 3:57 the instructor mentioned the problem where the the virtual camera goes from orthographic to perspective on it’s own. This is happening to me everytime I run the game.

  1. Screenshot before playing
  2. Screenshot after run and stop

    In fact while saving the prefab, it saves the virtual camera prefab within the cameras prefab with this setting, as shown in the screenshot below. Although the actual gameobject shows correct settings.

It is stubborn to such an extent that even with git hard reset it retains this stupid conversion. I checked it in git with the orthographic values.

I’m having the same problem but I did notice in play mode the Virtual cameras show orthographic setting and act normal. If you do any edits in play mode you can copy the component values and paste them after stopping play mode. This also changes the VC back to orthographic… until it changes its mind about it.

I’m also having this problem - is there a solution?

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