Camera shake

This lesson was hard to follow for me. But basically, to follow along with the blueprint creation part both “matinee camera shake” and “camera shake base” will do as the blueprint parent instead of the “camera shake” shown in the video, which doesn’t exist anymore. The shake can’t be selected until you use TSubclassOf<UCameraShakeBase> which comes up later in the video.

For the camera shake base you’ll have to pick a “Root shake pattern”. I found “wave oscillator” to work fine. But the result is different.


Just to add my experience to this for anyone doing the tutorial in UE5.

If you’d like to follow the tutorial exactly then choose the MatineeCameraShake class when creating your blueprint. This will give you the same options in the details pane as the tutorial. In your code you can use UCameraShakeBase for the variable class as suggested by the voiceover (I didn’t try declaring my variable as UMatineeCameraShake, too lazy). Other than this you should be able to follow the tutorial and recreate the results.

*be sure to grab the correct header files [#include “GameFramework/PlayerController.h”].

For those who want to use the CameraShakeBase you can do so and like above set the root shake pattern to Wave Oscillator. You’ll be able to input all the same values EXCEPT for the waveform (Sine in this case). This produces a very different (possibly amplified) result. The tutorial shaking was pretty meh for me and barely shook at all in my opinion. This other camera shake without the waveform was like WAMMMMM!!!. Its pretty intense and I liked it for the HitCameraShake. However, for DeathCameraShake it’s going to give you a seizure or something, so maybe play with the values.

Hope this helps! I was just curious so I tried both ways.


Awesome, thank you for the input! Going to try the CameraShakeBase next!

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