Camera Keeps Snapping Back to Previous Position

Camera is too close to the target and is set to target then I do the following:

  1. I have to turn off the targetting so I can move the camera back
  2. I move the camera away from the target
  3. I retarget and the camera snaps back to the previous position

Video Evidence:

I should be able to reposition the camera without deleting it everytime and starting from scratch.

How can I stop that from happening?

Hi @anth1256,

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Why are you changing the world space position of the camera? Since the camera is supposed to follow the target during runtime, the world space position is actually irrelevant. Have you clicked the play button to see what happens after you changed the position?

Have you already tried to increase/decrease the value of the Camera Distance?

This article might be interesting for you if you try to adjust the camera in a specific way:

Hi Nina,

Thanks for responding

Camera Distance helps (how I completely forgot that was in the lecture I am not sure)
but doesn’t entirely fix the issue.

Now what if I want it to be following the target from the left side or the right side, or from directly over it?

At this point I am completely locked into the original angle and cant change it easily.

The article is for 3rd Person Follow which isn’t what is in the lecture

Thanks for the help.

Now what if I want it to be following the target from the left side or the right side, or from directly over it?

Wouldn’t the Shoulder Offset solve this problem? You could also test different Body types.

Figured it out. I used a combination of “Follow” and “Look at” to get it to do what I want.

I wanted the choice of a specific camera position (in front, behind, above etc) but it still looking at the target. I wanted it where I decided it to be which is what happened in the lecture but then when I wanted to move it around afterwards it wouldn’t and keep snapping back each time I tried to move it.

In the initial creation of the Virtual Camera the camera seems to be able to look at the target from any angle, but then it won’t move after that. “Look at” unlocked it.

Thanks for trying to help :slight_smile:

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