Camera Issue

Hi there,
I’ve been following your instructions and they were very good and easy to understand, the problem is I did the same thing you instructed in the video but the camera sticks to the static mesh as you can see in the screenshot:

here is another screenshot showing the player’s blueprint:


I don’t know what have I missed, please if you can point out the problem and how to fix, please do so.

best wishes

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Probably a little late to help OP, but I was also having this issue and I found the solution.

The Spring Arm is colliding with the ground so it’s collapsing. You’ll notice that, if you raise your PlayerPawn up off the ground, the Spring Arm corrects itself.

In order to fix the issue, go into your PlayerPawn blueprint and select the Spring Arm component. Change the Spring Arm transform’s Z-position to 50.0 (or one half of the size of your PlayerPawn). This way, the Spring Arm connects with the Player Pawn at the Player Pawn’s center instead of at its base. Compile and save your blueprint, then switch back to the level editor.

In your level, your Spring Arm now functions correctly.


thank you so much this really helped me!

Chiming in a little late myself, but wanted to add that the spring arm has an option to ignore collisions.


Hey @Saleh_T_Almorran,

not sure if you’ll read this after such a long time, but maybe it will help someone with the same problem in the future. I think the camera behaves like this because the pawn is stuck in the floor. If you’ll move it up and outside the floor, the spring arm will function correctly and the camera will position itself at the end.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Edit: Ok, just saw that there were some replies I haven’t seen because of the “Bumped” comments. Never mind :sweat_smile: