Camera Glitched

I had a problem where the capsule collider was being added not centred on the character (the parent was centred fine, but adding the capsule collider appeared to the left of the character then moved the centre).

I was trying to fix this and ended up changing the Cinemachine virtual camera’s option to ‘follow’ the character, the view screwed up and so I reset the Cinemachine and the game view is still glitched - it’s chopping off a load of stuff.

Zooming out and I’ve got this weird shape it’s changed to

I have absolutely no idea what’s happened especially since all I changed was to ‘look at’ Keith, and then immediately changed back to ‘None (Transform)’

Any help :slight_smile:

Hi jjb89,

Welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

Please check the settings of the VirtualCamera component and the MainCamera. From what I see in your screenshot, the camera might be rotated. It must not be rotated around the y-axis, though.

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