Camera component not keeping object centered during orbit

I’m not sure if that title was long enough, but this is unrelated to the course, though I have watched it.

I’m attempting to get a Camera Component to rotate around an object, and keep its center of focus pointed at the object. The camera can also accept mouse input to look around. Input is clamped, and center of input should be the object it is rotating.

I’m attempting to solve the issue without SpringArm.

I have included a visual representation of what I am trying to accomplish, which is all completed, except for my camera rotation issue.

If you need a better explanation, imaging your taking photos out of moving plane. Plane travels along orbit path, you’re facing the object, but you can look around.

Blueprint and Function:

Any tips appreciated!

Is there a particular reason why you don’t want to use a SpringArm? It should make your implementation easier to perform.

One thing you can try, is getting the screen-space location of your object and make adjustments to the camera based on that. For example, if your object is X units above center, then you know you can rotate the camera Y degrees in pitch to compensate.