Camera broken tracking

So following along with the lecture video 205 about AimOffsets when there’s a jump talking about how everything is working as intended and they can move the camera up and down but for me it’s just the character that moves. I’ve been boggling my mind trying to figure out where I went wrong for this one cause I swear these two graphs look identical to the videos examples and I don’t know what else to try.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Would you mind showing what results your getting instead?

So I can look up and down for the character but the camera doesn’t move to follow them like it does for left and right.

Was that enough info or do I need to try and record a vid and upload it someplace for you to see?

How have you coded aiming? Have you unchecked “inherit pitch”?

Nope, just checked and I have it inheriting pitch on the SpringArm for the BP_PlayerShooterCharacter. And yeah, I have aiming coded in, scrolled through all my files to compare and make sure they match the lectures example files.

That screenshot is showing yaw not pitch

Oh my gosh, you’re right. Here’s the correct screenshot.

Are you sure you’re in the right blueprint? Because unchecking that gives me the behaviour you show.

Is it inside of BP_PlayerShooterCharacter? Or should I look in another file?

Should be, whatever your default pawn is. You could just double check both characters though

I might have messed things up.

Are these all the correct files to be assigned? I think I was fiddling trying to find right ones and messed up…

That looks fine to me, do you want to just send your project again?

Sure, that sounds good to me if you have time to look it over!

This appears to be missing the Content folder. The AssetPack folder within that can be excluded as it’s just the assets which aren’t modified at all, but the rest of the Content folder is needed as that would contains the blueprints you’ve created.

Oh shoot, II just went and reuploaded it again with the files this time! Sorry about that!

You disabled Use Pawn Control Rotation, re-check it


That was it! Thank you Dan for all your help!

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