C# issue not sure what to do [SOLVED]

I’m going through the core combat RPG course on match animation to movement. with the coding I’m getting a strange issue in Visual studio.

where Vector3 is not being recognized as well as Setfloat.

I never had this issue on my main PC this is only going on with my laptop. I suspected it had to do with an extension for Visual studio but I don’t know what one.

So if anyone has any ideas that would be great , thanks


SOLVED : every time I struggle with something for an hour and try different stuff. once i post and look at it again i can fix go figure .
issue was

using UnityEngine; & using System.Numerics;

was fighting with each other, not sure why system Numerics was even there. I just removed it and it worked fine. (also never finished the setfloat line so thats why that was broken.

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