C++ Compiler Issue In visual Studio 2019

I am new to coding so i started coding in visual Studio 10 But unfortunately Vs is not compiling the code i tried the code in other compiler it was working fine i dont know i have to change some settings or to install something else ??

Ps- Here some ss for better understanding

Please some body

@Blaze when you downloaded VS did you install any add-ons I use VS 2019 for C# and Unity tho and i had to install add-ons so VS know what type of code to compile VS can run all types of programs so it needs to know what type its running By that i mean like (.py, .c, .cpp, .cs,)

Hope this helps you in some way.

Lloyd Risper

Can you sepcify which add one?

Thanks Brother for help at last it works thanks for the advise bro

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