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hi. i’ve been learning c# through this course, and i’ve been using it a lot at work too. anyway, i realized that i really like coding and now im thinking about what it would take to change careers and get a full time dev job.
my QUESTION: what steps do i need to take to get a full time c# coding job? do i need certification? if so, can i learn these skills from a udemy course? thanks.

Whether or not you will need certification is going to be highly dependent on as to where you would be applying for a job. In some areas it might be hard to get in without certification, in other areas having any form of certification may be less relevant.

One thing to remember though is that the development skills learned in this game development courses are aimed at a relatively beginner level. If you want to make it for a full time job, a more in-depth knowledge might be expected.

In terms of knowledge, I would recommend to go through the courses on the following 2 pages:

These courses will teach you the programming taught in bachelor computer science programs. But bear in mind though that the maths, physics, etcetera is limited in these sort of online courses. So if you want to excel in this line of work, that’s going to be something to brush up in another form.

Start diving through these course. Look for job openings, see what is commonly requested around as to where you live. What are they looking for? Certifications mentioned as mandatory or not, and if so, which? What programming language is most commonly asked for? C#, Python? Something else? What sort of companies are there in your area? Game development? Data analysis? Other?

Create a portfolio of open source applications for yourself which you can refer to on your resume.

And be prepared for rather awkward problem solving on the spot, which occasionally you made do in pseudo-code, but might also be asked to do on the spot in performing code without access to online references. As such, be comfortable in writing code by heart. Challenge yourself in this as you practise.

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