C++11 standard compliant pointers UE

Some reading I’d suggest. Careful of old C++/C style pointers in C++. If you don’t clean them up properly you can have quite the messy situation in memory.

For some 'Intermediate" reading, look at Unreal’s doc of ‘smart pointers’: UE 4 Smart Pointer Library

for Beginners:
Pointers are invaluable tools for increasing a program’s performance. They’re both simple and complex. As pointers can create pointer trees (Pointer-to-Pointer) references. I can’t stress enough how much you need to read up on this subject. Learn as much as you can.


So far this course hasn’t covered user-created dynamic allocated memory. It’s possible that it’s even beyond the scope of the course.

While I agree to that, I’ve only added this as extra reading so people who want to fidget more can. :slight_smile:

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