By George, I think I've got it!

Edit: Ah, after I finished the video I realized I didn’t actually factor in a password variable, looks like I still need more practice.

It took a little while and some tinkering around but I think I finally got it down: while also trying to make the code clean and elegant. The hardest part for me was probably trying to get it done in a simple way without cluttering up the OnUserInput code block. It’s funny because I spent 10 minutes scratching my head with no idea at all of what to do… then it just hit me like a sack of bricks out of nowhere! It was almost like I literally had a lightbulb turn on over my head like in the cartoons lol. Here’s a screenshot of my code, please let me know if there are any ways I could have made it better(may contain spoilers if you haven’t done it yet):


I had that same “Eureka!” moment! Awesome feeling, very inspiring!


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