Buttons Don't Work, I have attached them with no problem

I write a code before the video to test myself and it’s working with old keyboard style but not working with buttons. as you can see I attached buttons to script (gameitself.cs). I do not know what’s wrong after the video we done all the same but not working.


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Judging from the error message appearing at the bottom of the Unity Editor, I would say that you forgott to drag a gameObject to its corresponding exposed variable. Since we don’t have the full error message, it is difficult to say exactly where this happens, but my guess would be that you forgot to drag the object “Gametext” in the corresponding entry of your GameScriptManager.

A similar error was recently discussed for text 101, it might help you.

In case this is not the reason of your problem, could you please show the full error message? It should appear in your console and tell you at which line exactly the problem occurs.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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here is the error and I used buttons and after you tell me to attach the buttons I did attach them. as you can see at the inspector my values are change with buttons (I did them with my mouse) but I can’t print screen with mouse but keyboard. my script has keyboard commands too. thanks for your help man

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Thank you for the details! :slight_smile:

Actually I was talking about attaching Gametext. As you can see on the right hand side of your editor, the entry next to “Gametext” is marked “None (Text)”. You have to take the Gametext object from the hierarchy (left side of the screen) and drag it there. It should normally solve your problem.


It solved everything. when you’re beginner and trying everything apart from tutorial it’s hard to get answers. So I really thank you :grinning:


No problem! I finished Number Wizard recently, and faced the same kind of issues (even though I am doing the project while watching the videos)! :slight_smile: It is actually great that you are doing it apart from the tutorial, it makes it more challenging, but I am sure that you also learn a lot this way!


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