Button Background in Unity 5.3.5

Later on I discovered that in the video they are using “Level Canvas” Z position of 1. Since the camera is at -10, and the other objects are at 0. Doing this will also resolve the issue of having the Quad mesh render properly.

I had the issue where the Quad background mesh does not display in Unity 5.3.5.
I believe this is due to 2D sorting layers are on top of the 3D mesh renderer.
In order to fix it, I created a script on my Quad button background object. With the code:
void Start () {
Renderer thisRenderer = GetComponent();
thisRenderer.sortingOrder = 1;

And then on all Button objects I set the Sprite Renderer|Order in layer = 2

Interestingly this also allows me to deselect/select the images by changing the order in layer from 1 to 2.
Instead of changing the sprite color from black to white as in the video.


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