Bust after some sculpting

Sculpting is so much fun!


You can really feel the expression this character is making, kinda concerned/troubled…

Ears look a bit low, but then I’m comparing against myself in the mirror quickly to check, I may have freakishly high ears! :smiley:

Very talented Nic. How long has the bust taken you to do thus far?

If you don’t have one yet, I would recommend a https://www.sketchfab.com account, you can upload your models to it and then you can post the individual model URLs into your posts here and they will appear in all of their 3D beauty. Users can also fly around/zoom in and out etc and really explore the model. It’s a great way to show off your 3D work :slight_smile:

See also;

Much appreciated Rob. Well spotted, the camera is a bit low in this render. Check out this different angle… Still got so much to learn. Loving it tho. This link is awesome, I will definitely check it out.


Looking really good, I was wrong about the ears clearly! :slight_smile:

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