Bunny test render


Woohoo, looks realistic! Great job.

Love the hair on the back of the ears. May I ask what settings you used? I’m struggling with my ears.

Maybe I can help? I long finished my bunny. What issue are you having?

thanks but i don`t need help right now

Bunny ear settings :

The rest is done in particle edit

Hmm, maybe I misunderstood. What do you mean by “I’m struggling with my ears” then? Which part? Or you don’t need help anymore? o.O Sorry, confused.

Hey LicidityOfPower - I’m actually the one struggling a little with my ears. Just not looking right or the way I want. So I loved his ears so wanted to compare to learn. Sorry if I was confusing on the request for help.

Aantjack - Thank you so much. I’ll do some comparing and see what is different on my end and learn where I’ve messed up. Really appreciate the help.

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Remember, though, how you comb your ears matters, too.

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