Bunny looking well...as a bunny :)

After first attempt where bunny was more like a duck or even seal, this one turned out at least reminding of bunny
However I dont understand this in a matter of triangular shapes…like almost whole bunny is triangular…where is that story about quads now? :-o


I think is because the whole thing is going to be covered in fur so it doesn’t mater if the mesh itself deforms.

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Speaking of fur…my blender options under materials are different than in lecture…that hair difuse option doesnt exist…

I still haven’t got that far yet xD I’ll keep an eye for that when I get to that lesson

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Raquel, not that I am making this a contest of any kind, but I believe you were ahead of me…I remember watching your post and admired the ideas. :slight_smile: Now I am ahead of you with lessons? Though I am really trying to get my hold over this as soon as possible so I am pretty much rushing through course…anyway some things are different than in lectures related to version of blender I guess…I am just about to make another post you will see what I am talking about, but just to be sure, please let me know if you bump to same problem because I am trying to find those options he is using in lecture but so far I fail… :frowning:

I will definitely post if I find that problem! I’m sure you’re not rushing, you just learn fast :smiley: I had to slow down on blender a bit because I’m taking care of a dog that’s been through surgery and working at the same time :laughing:

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Hope I wont forget it fast hahaha! Anyway sorry to hear about the dog and hope its fine now…And under discussions of lesson 139 I just posted my issues so let me know if you face such problems. :slight_smile:

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