Bunny Ears without hair

Hello Everyone
I’m having trouble adding hair particles to the fluffy bunny ears.
Everything else works fine, but the ears don’t seem to have hair all around.
Every face is turned to outside. Can’t understand what may be happening.
Can anyone help me?

I’ve tried to create the ears as another object, applied the particles system, all worked well. Joined it with the bunny body and the result was similar to this image.

Hi Rui,

I havent been in the fluffy bunny lecture but i am not sure if Mikey parented the ears as a seperate object or not.
What appears to be happening is when you join the models despite the particle system being applied to the ears its then taking into account the rest of the model
This might be down to the order that they were joined so maybe they were joined the wrong way round.

If you still have the blend file before you joined the ears can you please upload it and i can take a look :slight_smile:

Hi there!
Thank you for the reply.
Here is the file with the ears apart. I’ve tried to join the ears to the body in all the ways I could. The end result was pretty much the same :frowning: In this file the particle system is not applied.
[layers007.blend (6.3 MB)

Hi Rui,

The reason for the issue that i can see is that there is no weight painting on the bunny or the ears so blender is just putting the hair everywhere.
What i suspect you had vertex groups on the bunny and on the ears. When you joined the bunny vertex groups remained but you lost them on the ears.

This is with a vertex group on the body and on the ears and seperate

This is the bunny selected first and then the ears and joined.
I suspect you lose bunnies vertex group and keep the ears vertex

And this is if i turn up the hairs and increase the length to 0.2

Now the vertex groups i painted are done in seconds so the bald patches are where i didnt paint is all but i think this might help you achieve a closer idea on what to do and remember i havent combed the bunny!

This is terrifying

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Ok. I’ll play around with it and see what happens. Thanks!!!

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Let us know how you get on with it :slight_smile:

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