Bunny bald spot

So in cycles render I find that my bunny has a bald spot spanning its entire face
40 AM
But in Object Mode it appears to have the hair material there.

Any ideas why this happens?

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Durr… I left the metaballs visible in the render. That’ll do it. I swear, I can’t figure things out myself until I post my problem in some forum!


Isn’t it always that way? :wink:

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Sometimes, the process of having to put a question/issue into words helps me figure what I need to do. LOL usually the solutions doesn’t come to me till after I post the problem. You can bet if you are asking the question(s) others have or will be searching for solutions to the same question.

Never be afraid to post questions then your solutions! It really can be useful to others!

BTW…nice bunny!

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I know, it’s like rubber ducking except everyone gets to see my problem lol. I do leave my problems and solutions up in case someone encounters the same issue.

Hehe, I did the same for the basic bunny shape (Appending + render issue / Results), I left the metaballs on in rendered view but not in “basic” view… :upside_down_face:

You are not alone !

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