Bunny and Dog

I’m about mid way through the section, and I was not really happy with how my bunny looked. I thought it needed a redo implementing the skills I’ve learned in this section so far, but decided to make a dog instead.

Here’s the bunny:

And here’s the dog:

It’s just a head and neck so far, and it still has a long way to go, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s going! I feel much more invested in it than I did in the bunny. Maybe because it’s more personal or maybe because I just like dogs better than rabbits. :joy:


Here’s the finished product. I’m not totally satisfied with it, but making it better would take a long time, so I’m stopping here and moving on to the next unit.

I borrowed some textures I found on the web, like a grass texture for the ground for under the particle grass, bark for the tree, and I also used a background image in addition to a skybox.

Because of that I decided not to do depth of field, since it didn’t look right with that flat image. I will definitely try it in another project though.

What do you guys think? Criticism welcome. :thinking::grinning:


I think the inner ears are too bright, too colorfull. Maybe same hair color as the legs, but a bit darker.
I know it’s difficult to blend in 3D with background images. You succeed in that very well! Color and brightness all blending in. The background shadow is a bit to the left. While your tree doesn’t show a shadow.

Well done!

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I would work with lights and shadows. I like the pose of the dog, the expression of his face is a little bit to artificial. Maybe you could work on it. The scene itself is something I like.

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Thanks for the feedback!

@FedPete I was happy with the way the grass blended, but you’re right, there’s no shadow under the tree. I think there probably should be less (or no) grass under the tree as well, as the shadow would stop it growing there.

@Jada My wife agrees: “Looks like a toy,” though I think she was referring to the fur more than the expression. I was going for kind of a surprised/interested emotion but I don’t think it totally came across.


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